Whether you’re looking for a pair of high-quality eyeglasses to use when running or just want to protect your eyes, you’ll find that Nike’s Sparq Vapor Strobe glasses are an excellent choice. You’ll find that they are lightweight, comfortable, and have an advanced coating to ensure maximum protection for your eyes. They also offer improved visual acuity and short-term memory retention, and enhance your athletic performance.
Enhances athletic performance

Enhanced athletic performance involves enhancing muscle strength, improving reaction time and mental prowess. There are a number of ways to achieve these goals, but not all of them are safe.

Various substances have been investigated as potential performance enhancers. The most common is dietary supplements. The best supplement is a healthy dose of multivitamins, minerals and proteins. It is also important to eat a healthy breakfast. A good breakfast will give your body the fuel it needs to be at its best throughout the day.

Another example is music. Research shows that focusing on music can improve your work output. It can also help you to remember the movements that you are doing.

Imagery is another technique that can be used to enhance athletic performance. Essentially, imagery is a process whereby you vividly experience an event without actually experiencing the stimulus.
Improves reaction time

Using Nike Sporq Vapor Strobe Glasses can enhance your athletic performance by improving visual perception, hand-eye coordination, balance, and peripheral awareness. It also strengthens the connection between your eyes, brain, and body, which will help you better recognize subtle motion cues.

Nike’s vision training system has been used by NFL players and Duke University athletic department. It is currently in beta with professional sports programs, and will be rolled out worldwide.

The SPARQ Sensory Performance System is based on research at Duke University. Strobe Sport’s blog content about baseball training equipment for hitting evaluates athletes on 10 different visual performance skills, and then creates a customized training program for each athlete.

The strobe training glasses test your visual perception, hand-eye coordination, focus, concentration, and peripheral awareness. By using a variety of flash rates, the glasses force your brain to process information quicker and more accurately. These effects can be used in any environment, and are perfect for athletes looking to improve their reaction time, mental focus, and hand-eye coordination.
Increases visual acuity

Using a new type of sport training eyewear, Nike is claiming to improve your eyesight in the name of science. It’s called the SPARQ Vapor Strobe. The glasses use battery powered, liquid crystal filtered lenses. In addition to their glam aesthetics, Nike claims to improve visual performance via improved reaction times, increased speed of visual processing and enhanced visual acuity.

The company also claims to have a comprehensive training program. The aforementioned glasses were used in a number of activities including the Eye-Hand Coordination and Go/No-Go modules. For actual Strobe Sport , participants were required to touch a target with their left and right feet. They were also required to take a picture of it. The aforementioned glasses aren’t cheap. After an introductory week, participants were required to wear them on a regular basis.
Increases visual short-term memory retention

Several studies have examined the relationship between short-term memory retention and visual function. Specifically, they have looked at the neural processes involved in encoding and retrieving short-term memory for emotional facial expressions.

Previous research has shown that the processing of changeable facial attributes occurs in a network of specialized brain regions. These areas include the superior temporal cortex and dorsal stream.

The current study focuses on how working memory training can improve visual short-term memory retention. In looking for Strobe Training Glasses , it examines the neural changes induced by stroboscopic training. This type of training is designed to increase a person’s ability to perceive subtle motion cues and process information in brief bursts.

The researchers also compared the control baseline state to the activated areas during the task. The results showed that the participants’ reaction times were significantly increased after a stroboscopic training session.

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