Whether you’re looking for a car lift for your garage or your home, it’s a good idea to do a little research to ensure you get the best lift for your needs. If you’re in the market for a new car lift, here are some options to consider:
AutoQuip Sales, Inc.

Located in the great state of New York, AutoQuip Sales, Inc. has been in business for over four decades. focus on scissor car lifts offer products and services for the discerning auto repairer, car buff, or the pampered pooch. Their motto is a well stocked inventory, top-notch service, and an unbeatable price tag. They have earned a stellar reputation as a vendor of choice among their peers. The best part is the friendly customer service they offer. Whether you’re looking for a small fleet lift or a complete turnkey auto repair facility, AutoQuip is the name to trust.
BendPak Scissor Lifts

Whether you’re looking for a car lift for your home garage or your professional shop, BendPak offers a full line of auto lifts to meet your specific needs. They are designed to be portable and reliable. With more than 50 years in the automotive equipment industry, they’re a trusted name.

The BendPak XPR-10AXLS is a two-post lift that offers the highest lifting height clearance. The lift’s direct-drive cylinders provide a smooth lift. This lift is able to hoist your vehicle up to 75 inches off the ground.

A BendPak four-post lift offers the versatility you need for your home garage, professional shop, or car port. It’s packed with generous features, enabling you to lift virtually any vehicle.
Challenger Lifts

Among the many companies making automotive lifts in the US, Challenger has a solid track record of delivering quality products. From heavy duty mobile car lifts to environmental and commercial grade models, Challenger has a solution for every need.

Challenger also manufactures a number of parts to go with their lifts, including heavy duty mobile column truck and bus lifts, modular lube racks, and alignment racks. Their lifts also boast the latest in technology, with some of the most advanced technological hoists in the industry.

Challenger’s two-post lifts are made to stand the test of time. They feature a space-saving base that allows for a hassle-free work environment. They can also accommodate diverse vehicle sizes in the same bay.
BendPak Low-Rise Lifts

Whether you’re an auto-body shop, auto-lube mechanic or home hobby gearhead, BendPak low-rise car lifts are a great addition to your shop. They provide a safe, reliable way to lift cars and can be stored conveniently on the back of the vehicle. These lifts offer easy access to the undercarriage of most vehicles, and can be used for tire rotations, auto-body repair and oil changes.

BendPak low-rise lifts are designed with rubber-topped cylinders that protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from damage. The cylinders also undergo intensive testing, and zero-leak technology ensures that they’re leak-free.
BendPak Two-Post Lifts

Whether you are looking for a lift for your home or for your garage, BendPak two-post car lifts can help you get the job done. These lifts are designed to meet the highest safety standards. They also offer a number of unique features. For example, they allow you to easily move around underneath your vehicle without hitting any of the lift columns.

Unlike other brands of lifts, BendPak car lifts feature a direct drive system. This reduces the stress on the hydraulic system, which means less trouble down the road. They also use two HVLP low pressure cylinders for better reliability.
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Whether you are looking for a home garage lift or an industrial application, BendPak has the four-post lifts you need. These lifts are made to the highest standards with advanced hydraulic systems and components. They also feature a secondary lock system that provides emergency protection.

BendPak has been in the automotive equipment business for over fifty years, and the company offers a wide range of lifts. These include two-post lifts, alignment lifts, portable lifts, and four-post lifts. These lifts are crafted with the same strict specifications as automotive lifts, but with exclusive features that set them apart.
QuickJack Car Lift

Using a QuickJack car lift is a safe, convenient way to raise or lower your car. QuickJack car lifts use hydraulic pressure to raise your vehicle and are available in three models. Each QuickJack model is tested for safety before it is shipped.

QuickJack hydraulic car lifts are stronger and faster than conventional floor jacks. They can lift all four wheels in 30 seconds. The hydraulic system minimizes stress by eliminating crumple points. It also maximizes load-bearing joints.

QuickJack car lifts are designed by experts with over 50 years of experience in car repair. They are easy to use and safe, making them a better choice than floor jacks.

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